The need for trained computer engineers grows day by day.
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Once all the surviving contenders in a market can offer value,
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Once all the surviving contenders in a market can offer value, the battle shifts to speed and innovation. To distinguish themselves, companies must offer something unique. This is the rule of today’s business and computer sales/service sector is no different from other business. To go with the rule of the market, we offer a unique service package named as BCS CARE. which will be marketed by BCS INFOTECH

By offering a comprehensive range of Customer Service, BCS INFOTECH further adds value to Products and Systems they offer. Objective of BCS INFOTECH is to help our customers through responsive and professional support to derive maximum benefit throughout the life cycle of the Products and Systems supplied.

Training and Workshops:

User Training and Workshops at regular interval will be organized and conducted for better understanding of products and also to create more awareness about IT related problems and solutions for them
Customers who buy Care Pack will get numerous benefits such as regular training programme on selected topics which will help the customer to plan how best they can use their resources, discount offers, attractive buy-back facilities etc., We offer our customers a range of service options to get regular update about IT field through periodic training secessions.