The need for trained computer engineers grows day by day.
This is the flag-ship company of BCS group. This company takes care
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This company is the backbone of BCS group. While any one in the
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This company is the backbone of BCS group. While any one in the market can sell computer products, the secret of success lies with the ability to service the products, after sales. BCS maintenance division has a highly experienced, self-motivated team of service engineers. Our service engineers continuously upgrade their knowledge and skills by attending various training programme. The core team of service engineers remains with BCS since its inception. It shows the commitment of the team as well as the excellent human resources relationship prevailing in BCS group.

BCS Maintenance Division currently employs 15+ service engineers. The strength will be increased once in every quarter, with the successful outgoing students of BCS TRAINING ACADEMY. So, in another two years, BCS will have around 50 + service engineers - which may be the largest number in this category. One may wonder what the need for such a big team?. But we are planning something unique - availability of service team - off the shelf. Yes, it is as if you pick up a service person at your required time.

We are the authorised service partners of many computer products. The manufacturing companies have faith in the BCS team. It is because; we have exhibited our skills in this industry for more than a decade. Our sales increases day by day which means that our service team is keeping on surpassing its own previous achievements.